Unlike many web designers who just know about computers, I have been trained in the graphic arts. I graduated from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Graphic Design. I have also been professionally designing web sites for over 13 years. I have experience designing small to large sites, static, flash, content management systems (CMS), and e-commerce sites.  My two favorite CMS platforms to work with are Joomla! and WordPress. They both are extremely powerful systems with a lot of room to customize and expand.

The Process

My clients who wish to get a presence on the internet for the first time always ask, “What do I have to do to get a web site?” While some web designers say “absolutely nothing”, I believe the key to a great web site is good communication between designer and client. First we will discuss via phone or e-mail the basic goals of the web site. Do you have products to sell? Do you have services to present, information to give? Are you looking for a clean, stylish corporate site or a trendy interactive site? Do you need a database? Do you have a domain name and hosting company? After this primary communication, I will research what your competitors are doing on the web and how your site can offer more.

During our second meeting (phone, e-mail or in person) I will discuss my ideas for your site and give you a primary quote. We will further brainstorm ideas for the site and create a basic outline/flowchart of the site. After the conclusion of our meeting I will work on the initial layout of the web site. Usually this includes the home page and a few secondary pages. This will be placed in a test directory on the web so you can view the site and show to your colleagues for feedback.

After I have designed a layout that you are happy with, we move into the next stage of development, entering of data. This period includes entering a few pages of text for small sites and entering information into a database for larger sites. The more information you can give me to put on the site the better! Remember, you know a lot more about your company’s products, services and clients than I. During this stage, the status of the site can always be seen at the test directory. I welcome any suggestions through the design process.

The final draft is when we both go through the site to make final changes. I will double check all of the spelling and you will make sure that everything is to your utmost satisfaction. When all parties are happy with the site, I will make the site “live” for the world to see.

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